Zen Misanthropy (rosewater) wrote in atperk,
Zen Misanthropy

Second Friday

Gas prices beyond your budget?

You need naked girls.

New FEMA fuckup every day?

You need naked girls.

Homework for the first time in three months?

You need naked girls.

Luckily for you, Derek and Jess draw naked girls [1], and their art show "Girl Trouble" is opening on Friday the 9th. Tinsmith and IO are playing, so there will be good music, good company [2], and art for sale. Get a drawing to put by your computer so you can look at it while you read the news.

Need your own naked girl, without having to bother with pickup lines or citations for soliciting? You need "Girl Trouble."


Stuff starts at 8. Get in touch with me or Jill (mydwynter) for details. Also if you feel like being painted with latex paint let me or Derek (derekcooks) know.

[1] Jess draws some other stuff too.
[2] College Perk does not guarantee the goodness of the company. I'll be there, though. I mean, it's my show.
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